June 12, 2012

Hermès has developed a new inkjet technology that perfectly recreates the subtle gradations of intense colour into fabric. In collaboration with the Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto, Hermès has translated 20 of the artist’s abstract colour studies into silk scarves in signed, limited editions of seven each.

Hiroshi Sugimoto has spent years chasing bands of prismatic colour around his studio in Tokyo and capturing them, with what was for him rapid-fire succession, using a Polaroid camera. “Couleurs de L’Ombre” (Colors of Shadow), as the collection is called, is a moving tribute to the lowly Polaroid, which faces imminent extinction.   

Where the original Polaroids are small and precious, the scarves are large — just over 55 inches square — and dynamic, playing with light in ways the artist had never anticipated. Though at around $10,000, you might think twice about actually wearing one. 

Watch video: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/08/hes-a-rainbow-hiroshi-sugimoto-for-hermes/

See the scarves: http://editeur-en.hermes.com/editions/h3-hiroshi-sugimoto/the-scarves.html

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